The ClubSport Legend


There once was a fellow named Stu.
Unhappy with his name he grew.
He thought it a dud,
So he changed it to "Stud".
This new name now fits like a shoe.

Now this Stud, he works out every day.
Takes it serious; doesn't have time to play.
He keeps track of his cals,
And converses with his pals,
But usually has little to say.

Stud thinks that he is quite a wit.
His jokes, this one must admit,
Are corny at best.
"Surely", you jest.
Humor him, laugh; he might quit.

Now Stud might be called a provoker -
A real life practical joker.
He's really quite sly -
The truth? Or a lie?
He probably should take up poker.

Without Stud, one must exclaim,
The mornings would not be the same.
An inspiration to all,
He beats Tom in handball,
And belongs in ClubSport's Hall of Fame!

by Pat Wilson, aka "Spud"
October, 2007